Remote Collaboration Rooms for your Company

Show ME is a remote collaboration web tool that allows you to be closer with your employees, clients or suppliers

The power to communicate immediately

Meet in moments from the platform with personalized rooms and multiple functions

Personalized and professional video conferences for your company

Our tool is designed with a security and privacy system so that you can enjoy a unique and easy-to-connect experience at any time.

  • Individual licensing or acquire a dedicated server for your company.
  • Personalized access links.
  • Screen share multiple users simultaneously.
  • Scalable architecture.
  • Access through a browser. (no installation required)
  • No mandatory contract period.
  • Specialized technical support.
  • Multiple contact channels.
  • Mobile app.
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Dedicated Server

In addition to individual cloud licensing, we can install the service on an exclusive server for your cloud or on-site service (25+ concurrent sessions).

License from $ 14 usd / month

Tools determine your success

Learn about the essential functions that make the best platform for your business

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Share screen

Multiple users simultaneously.


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Video call

Video quality control according to internet quality.


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Online chat

Individual, group with participation control.



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Personalized room

Create your own room with your name easy for users to remember.


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High Quality Audio

Automatic control of audio and video quality.


Mobile App

Application for remote access from mobile devices.

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It adapts automatically according to the screen size.