Industry Leading Markers

Increase the productivity of your Contact Center using our markers different marking strategies

Monitor your behavior in real time and make adjustments on the spot

Customizable platform for the needs of each campaign


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Make conversations happen easily and effectively with uContact:

  • Retries
  • Time between calls.
  • Time zones.
  • Wrap-up.
  • Recycling..
  • Dynamic Caller ID.
  • Not Allowed Lists.
  • Channels.
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A true all-in-one solution to manage your communications, with the agility that your business requires.

Increase the productivity of your agents

Learn about some of the essential channels that make the best platform for your business


Dynamic Dashboards

Adjust the dialing strategy in real time for churn rate control, SLAs, contactability.



List Assignment

It allows you to characterize your clients with specific agents for a more personalized and specialized attention.


Audio Broadcast

Sending automated messages with the possibility of contacting a live agent, only when necessary.