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Digital transformation of companies

We are dedicated to improving your customers' experience, through state of the art technology with a human touch, reinventing the ways of communicating, face-to-face and remotely, offering operational productivity tools.



We support companies in all their development stages, from their creation to their consolidation as a leading company in their field, through the use of different technological solutions.


Integral solutions that adapt to your company's needs


Through our multidisciplinary team and strategic alliances with business partners we can offer a portfolio of services with economic, operational and/or technological benefits.
Meet our families of services:




Cloud PBX, virtual telephone lines, 800 numbers, Audio-Conference Rooms and Remote Collaboration Rooms for companies and business centers.



Contact Center

Omni-channel Web platform with connection to Voice, SMS, WhatsApp, WebChat, Chatbot, Twitter, Facebook services. Automatic notification messages.



Turnkey solutions for monitoring, management and automation of processes with reports. Control boards for decision making.



Mobile Apps 

Mobile applications to increase the productivity of field personnel and customer loyalty.



Web Development

Custom design and development of web and mobile applications for the implementation of Information Technology in companies.



Sale, Installation and Support of telecommunications equipment such as IP Phones, WiFi Access Point, Routers, Computer Equipment, Headsets, etc.

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Why choose Clever IDEAS?

We are convinced that the only way to achieve true customer satisfaction is through flexible technological tools that allow you to connect from any channel at any time.
Learn about the advantages of a complete solution:


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A company's internal organization will have a better communication flow as long as its IT services and telecommunications are synchronized in the best way. Having a single provider of these services adds efficiency and quality to the internal functioning of the company.

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Cloud solutions allow you to reduce hardware usage to a minimum, and get the maximum performance from your devices, through flexible and responsive control platforms from which you can monitor the availability of your services, with a more optimized operating cost.

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Our services will increase the technological value of your company due to the technical level of the tools we offer, as well as our personalized advice and the sharing of our experience with you to guarantee the success of your projects and operation.


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Using telecommunications services and solutions in the cloud will allow you to have a fine-tuned operation; the result in every day-to-day activity will be more productive and efficient.