Clever CHAT

Live Chat

Interact with your customers through
Webchat, WhatsApp Business, and SMS
from one interface in the Cloud. 


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Main channels

Serve your customers from
your preferred channel

Avoid the chaos of having your company's information scattered in several systems and take control from a single platform accessible anywhere to offer quality service and convert potential customers.


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Answer the information requested by your customers from visits to your website.


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Sending text notifications for confirmations or alerts available on all cell phones.


WhatsApp Business
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Your entire team can answer queries from the platform without sharing phones.

BOT (optional)

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It offers a better experience and 7x24 service with automatic responses.



Competitive advantage

Main benefits

-No mandatory contracting terms.
-Savings in monthly rent.
-Efficiency and availability.
-Customer loyalty.
-Better control in customer service.
-Increased conversion rate.
-1 number for all agents.
-Specialized technical support.
-Operational productivity.


Improve customer engagement and satisfaction



Choose the right solution for your business

Commercial proposal

One-time activation fee and monthly license rental fee for Clever CHAT

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*From the first message sent by the customer.
** Each message allows 160 characters. Some special characters may count as more than one. 
***Our prices do not include VAT.