Unify the attention of your customers

Clever CHAT allows you to manage the conversations of different text channels from a simple web interface.

Offer an Omnichannel experience in the Cloud

Through the main text interaction channels

Centralize all the information generated from communication with your customers through channels such as: Webchat, Chatbot and WhatsApp, in a single platform that allows you to generate reports and statistics for making decisions about your business.
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Main Features

  • 100% web solution.
  • No forced hiring deadlines
  • Management of operating hours
  • Visual and audible message notifications
  • Different Interaction Assignment Strategy
  • Bot for automatic replies (optional)
  • Canned Responses

  • Video call
  • Historical recording of chats
  • Groups or attention departments
  • Transfer of conversations between agents
  • Visits reports and statistics
  • Real-time monitoring (“Dashboards”)
  • Flexibility of integration with other applications (eg slack, github, etc.)
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Automate, organize and quickly respond to your customers' messages through a Bot to create intelligent experiences.

Serve your customers from their favorite channels

Improve your response times so they stay with you

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Answer the information required by your customers from the visits to your website.


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It offers a better experience and 7x24 service with automatic responses.


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Your entire team can answer queries from the platform without the need to share phones.


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Incorporate the interactions that take place from your wall or Messenger.


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Sending text notifications for confirmations or reminders.



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Centralize the communication that takes place with your customers through the mail.